Guidelines - Internal Departments


Adhoc events outside the regular academic schedule must be approved by a department/unit's signing officer (e.g. EO, Director, Chair)

  • The amount of time it takes to process an application is dependent on the scale of an event and the volume of applications in queue.   Please allow a minimum of 10 business days (small scale events) for your application to be processed.  Large scale events/conferences, depending on size and scope, may require anywhere between 15 - 90 business to process - this may involve meetings with the organizers and various campus services.
  • Complete the TUUS Mach Form and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.


  • Date Type
    1. Single Date Event – for events with just one date.
    2. Multiple Date Event – Events with multiple dates (e.g. a speaker series) can be requested through submission of a single application form.
  • Time --- Indicate the start and end time of your event. Don’t forget to allow yourself set up and clean up time.
  • Specify Location
    1. Lecture halls, classrooms, etc., required for use outside the regular academic schedule, are booked through central Room Allocations, Registrar's Office - Adhocs.
    2. Non-Academic Space
      1. Colleges - (e.g. Common Rooms, Assembly Hall), contact the College before submitting the TUUS form to confirm availability. The College will hold the space.
      2. Most public spaces (lobbies, Vari Hall Rotunda, etc.) and outdoor spaces can be reserved directly through the Office of Temporary Use of University Space (TUUS)


  • Sponsoring (Dept./Org./Unit/Rec. Stud. Grp) ---Name of department/Faculty/etc.
  • Signing authority --- name of signing officer (Chair, Director, etc.)
  • Contact --- the person completing and submitting the TUUS Mach Form. This is the person who will be contacted regarding the event.
  • Email and Telephone --- for the contact person – the permit will be emailed to this address, with copy to the signing officer


  •  Food/Beverage - Caterer’s Name
    • On-campus caterer – indicate the name (e.g. Aramark).  If you are not sure which on campus caterer you will use, type ‘on campus caterer’ in this field.
    • Off-campus caterer - Contact Food Services for information on using an off-campus caterer
    • Barbecues - contact Food Services for a list of on-campus BBQ vendors
  • Audio/Visual equipment - booked directly through University Information Technology (UIT).
  • Facilities Service - booked directly through Facilities.
    • Custodial, Grounds and Maintenance Services are reduced on the weekends. Submit a CSBO Service Request so that staff is assigned specifically to your event. This will ensure that furniture is set up to you liking, rooms are cleaned and garbage is cleared.
  • Signatures - Given that it's an on-line form, the sponsor's name, York University e-mail address and 'signature' should be typed into the respective fields on the application form.

TUUS staff will review the application and initiate a consultation where necessary, with the relevant service areas (Security, Insurance & Risk, Facilities, etc.); the contact and sponsor listed on the application form will be copied on the consultation e-mail. The sponsor's York University e-mail will serve as signature authentication.

A Temporary Use of University Space Permit will be issued electronically to the sponsor's York University e-mail.

Click here for the Temporary Use of Space Mach Form.