Guidelines - RSO

Registered/Recognized Student Organizations

Students who wish to reserve and use University space for an event, must be registered as a club/organization with Student Community and Leadership Development (SC&LD).  Once recognized (through SC&LD) as a Registered Student Organization (RSO), you may submit a Temporary Use of University Space/Event application through the YU Connect link below, to reserve space for all on-campus activities (indoors and outdoors).


  • Date Type:
    1. Single Date Event — for events with just one date.
    2. Multiple Date Event — Events such as weekly meetings or events with multiple dates (e.g. a speaker series, a series of dance classes) can be processed with a single application form. Select the "Multiple Date Event" checkbox and use the "+" button to add your dates.
    • Time — Indicate the start and end time of your event. Don't forget to allow yourself set up and clean up time.
    • Specify Location —
      1. Classrooms/lecture halls — indicate the name of building/s where you would like to hold your event. Include any additional requirements of the room in the body of the email (e.g. seminar style room).
        • Classroom cannot be reserved during exam periods.
        • Rooms cannot be booked when the University is closed (e.g. on Canada Day, December holidays, etc.)
      2. Non-Academic Space
        1. Colleges - (e.g. Common Rooms, Assembly Hall), contact the College BEFORE submitting the TUUS form to confirm availability. The College will hold the space.
        2. Most public spaces (lobbies, Vari Hall Rotunda, etc.) and outdoor spaces can be reserved directly through the Office of Temporary Use of University Space (TUUS).
        3. Physical activity spaces (gyms, sport fields, etc.), must be booked through Athletic and Recreation.
        4. Tabling space in the Vari Hall Rotunda, Vari Link and the Bear Pit must be booked through Student Community & Leadership Development.


      • Sponsoring (Dept./Org./Unit/Rec. Stud. Grp) — Name of student organization/club
      • Signing authority — name of signing officer for the organization/club (as registered with SC&LD).
      • Contact — the person completing and submitting the form. This is the person who will be contacted regarding the event.


    • Audio/Visual
      • Once you have been issued a permit by TUUS, you can order AV equipment by sending a copy of your TUUS permit to
    • Facilities Service
      • Service Requests must be submitted through SC&LD.  Note that Custodial, Grounds and Maintenance Services are reduced on  weekends.